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CIJ Moog One Raw Oscillators Samples

CIJ Moog One Raw Oscillators Samples

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Included in this download are 94 high-quality WAV samples captured from the Moog One 16.

This sample pack features raw oscillators in various shapes, combinations of two oscillators or 16 oscillators, a ring modulator, and a range of noise types. All samples are at least 4 seconds long and each type of oscillator configuration has multiple spreads, one octave apart from C-1 to C-7.

Ideal for loading these samples into a sampler like NI Maschine, Akai MPC, Ableton, Elektron Digitakt, Analog Rytm, Deluge or even Arturia Microfreak.

Add filters, LFOs, control VCA and get a pure analog sound of Moog One in your favorite device.

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