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Caught In Joy

Caught In Joy - Prophet lullabies CD

Caught In Joy - Prophet lullabies CD

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As a big Virgin Suicides fan, I've longed to craft an album filled with heartfelt emotions, reflecting sadness, dashed hopes, and introspection. What better narrative to draw from than a poignant chapter of my own life?

This mini-album delves into my struggles with emotional disconnection in the corporate world, depicting the sense of being adrift in a sea of uncertainty. And is there a better synth to capture it all than the Prophet-10?

I'm curious how many of you might share similar experiences. Feel free to share your thoughts in the reviews.


1. Karol's office garden 02:27
2. Scattered dreams 05:14
3. Waves of progressions 01:29
4. The last lullaby 03:19
5. Grave digging 01:35
6. Grinding 04:09
7. 10 000 hours 04:55
8. Clan of Xymox 03:53
9. Winds of change 04:07
10. New hope...not 01:41
11. Rat race again 01:48
12. Nothing lasts forever 03:09
13. AI 06:48
14. Prophet lullabies 04:51

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