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I have some of a top notch vintage analog and digital equipment worth over $100K including the newly restored British desk famously used by David Bowie, The Beatles and Pink Floyd, just to name a few. 

I've got 4 Chandler Curve Benders ready for your busses that altogether will my desk will give you that famous analog sound with a lot of punch.

I have the SSL G bus compressor, so you can get your mix perfectly glued. 

RND Mastering Buss Processor Compressor, Limiter & Stereo Field Editor that will enhance space in your mix.

Finally your mix will be printed through the award winning Burl ADC converters that will give you more depth and clarity. 

Get in touch and shoot it over! I will make your stuff sound like you've spend millions dollars!

Caught In Joy Studio Gear:

Analog Console:

  • restored large format British Trident 80C 32x24x24 with upgrades famously used by David Bowie, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and many more

Analog Compressors: 

  • 1x SSL G-Series XLogic Bus Compressor Rack stereo 
  • Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Mastering Buss Processor with Stereo Field Editor
  • 3x 1176
  • 1x LA2A 
  • Inward Connections The Brute
  • 2x Distressor 
  • 2x FMR RNC 1173 

Analog Reverbs, FXs: 

  • Bricasti M7 stereo
  • Lexicon 480XL 
  • Yamaha SPX90 stereo 

Interfaces and Converters:

  • Burl Audio ADC converters
  • RME Fireface UFX+ 
  • RME M32 DA 
  • 2x RME Octamic XTC 
  • 2x Audient ASP 880 
  • SSL XLogic Alpha Link MADI AX 
  • RND R10 500 series 10 space rack 




    • 4x Chandler Limited Curve Bender TG 12345 Stereo  
    • 2x API 550b  
    • 2x API 560  
    • 1x API 550a  
    • RND 551  
    • Harrison 32EQ  
    • 3x Pultec EQP500a  


    • KRK 6000 
    • Focal Shape 65 
    • Adam A7X with Sub10mk2 
    • Avantone speakers  


    • 2x vintage Neumann U47 FET  
    • 4x TUL G12  
    • 4x AKG C 214  
    • 6x SM57  
    • 20+ other mics TBL 

    Vintage guitars:  

    • over 30 vintage guitars, TBL 

    Vintage Drums: 

    • 1969 Ludwig Black  Oyster 13/16/24 
    • Ludwig Black Beauty Super Sensitive 1978 Gold Engraved 
    • Zildjian Constantinople hats 14", Meinl Byzance 21" transition ride, Paiste Full Crash 16" and 18", cowbell, tamb 


    • Hammond SKX dual kbd 
    • Moog Sub37 
    • Moog Model D 

    Guitar amplifiers:  

    • Friedman Steve Stevens 
    • Carr Lincoln 
    • Marshall 25/50 
    • Randall Nuno Bettencourt 
    • Fender Princeton 

    Bass amplifiers:  

    • Ampeg Portaflex 
    • Pierce BC1 with Billy Sheehan mod 

    Available DAWs:  

    • Protools 10 HD  
    • Logic Pro X  
    • Studio One 3  
    • Ableton Live  

    Available Software Plugins:  

    • Slate Digital all plugins  
    • PSP Audioware all plugins  
    • Selected Waves plugins 
    • Melodyne Pro

    Paid Services

    Music Production