Here’s my patch of the day: Pamela’s modulating Plaits and QD drums, while Metropolis is modulating Mangrove. All going through the Performance Mixer from WMD. . #modularsynth #eurorack #synthpatcher #synthporn #synthesizer #synthmusic #synthesizers #mannequinsmangrove #mutableinstruments #wmd

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Despite what Yngwie says, sometimes less is more. 😀 Here’s my downsized eurorack Modular setup with modulated drums and 3 voices (mangrove, plaits, sto) with effects. Now I only need to make some space for the filters. . #eurorack #modularsynth #modularsynthesizer #vpm #mangrove #plaits #strymonmagneto #intellijel #wmd #makenoise #2hp #industrialmusic #ambientmusic

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Get my latest modular synth jams album here: Be sure to check out other modular synth jams: All modular synth jams are created using the DAWLESS approach - making music with no computer, not too much sequencing and focus more on performance and fun. This jam was made thanks to the following gear - Moog Subharmonicon - Moog DFAM - Moog Mother-32 - Vector Sequencer - Make Noise Morphagene - Make Noise Mimeophon - Make Noise Erbe Verb - Make Noise DPO - Make Noise STO - 4MS Ensemble Oscillator - WMD Performance Mixer - WMD Compressor - Mutable Instruments Elements - Mutable Instruments Plaits - ALM Pamela's New Workout - Squid Salmple - Erica Synths VCO2 - Expert Sleepers Disting Alpha About me: Caught In Joy is a Los Angeles based, independent solo artist. He composes, plays modular synths, guitars, bass, keys, drums, records, produces and manages his unique brand of music all from his private studio. Inheriting a love for modular synths and classic rock from his father - polish chess grandmaster, Caught In Joy uniquely combines the art of math with the passion to modular synths, vintage and analogue equipment. Born in Poland, lived and travelled almost all continents. While playing with numerous bands he built a successful career in marketing and social media.

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