The holy grail of all pickups since the 50s - the Tim Shaw pickups of the 80s have a great reputation as being as close to an original PAF for a fraction of the cost. These pickups came stock in higher end Gibson guitars since late 1980 -1985. Up for sale is this killer 1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Equipped with a pair of Tim Shaw PAFs, this guitar combines vintage vibes with a more attainable price point. It also comes just after Norlin’s sale of Gibson, which brought about a return to the higher quality of Gibson’s golden era. Are the guitar has a very comfortable medium C-shape neck. It’s not quite the girth of a 59 profile, but much closer to it than a slim 60s. So it’s a little “in between” the two. The frets are in good shape as is the binding. The top and back of the body are very clean with only minor marks on the back from normal use. There is a little bit of flame on the top near the knobs, although it looks to have a three-piece top which is typical of the time. There are a few minor dings and battle scars around the edges. There’s one near the upper strap button. It’s a pretty clean guitar for being over 35 years old! Comes in the original Gibson “chainsaw“ case, gold strap locks installed and gold non-strap lock buttons. Studio/recording ready, used in a studio by me. . #gibson #gibsonlespaul #gibsonlespaulcustom #lespaul #lespaulcustom #vintagelespaul #vintageguitar

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gibson lespaul lespaul1959 tvyellow vintageguitar vintagelespaul

1959 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cutaway TV Yellow (VIDEO) Fretted Americana / PhilX Double cutaway solid body with rounded horns. This rare '59 double-cut TV Special weighs 8.00 lbs. Solid mahogany body, one-piece mahogany neck with a nice, fat nut width of 1 11/16 inches, a standard Gibson scale length of 24 3/4 inches, and a wonderful large neck profile. Bound rosewood fretboard with 22 original jumbo frets and inlaid pearl dot position markers and black dot side markers. Headstock with inlaid pearl "Gibson" logo and "Les Paul / Special" silkscreened in gold. Two layer, black over white plastic truss-rod cover secured by two screws. Closed-back Kluson Deluxe 'single-line' strip tuners with white plastic oval buttons. Serial number "927566" inked-on in black on back of headstock. Two hot P-90 pickups with outputs of 8.07k and 8.27k. Five-layer, black over white plastic pickguard with five screws. Original small rectangular black plastic strip between the neck and the rhythm pickup, secured by two pins. Four controls (two volume, two tone) plus three-way pickup selector switch surrounded by a thin black plastic ring engraved with "RHYTHM" and "TREBLE." The potentiometers are stamped "134907" (Centralab February 1959). Two original 'Bumble-Bee capacitors. Professional removable shielding foil reduces hum and noise. Black plastic bell-shaped "Bell" knobs. Combination "wrap-over" bar bridge/tailpiece. This wonderful and rare '59 TV Special has had an expert neck reset (not repair) which only shows under ultra-violet light (see note from Robb arwence below). Minimal playing wear to the first three frets only. There is some fine finish checking on the body, some very minor belt-buckle rash on the back (nothing through the finish). There is an area of wear on the side of the bass horn measuring 1 1/2 x 3/8 inch and a few other small surface marks and 'dings' on the body and the back of the neck. The treble side upper corner of the headstock has a small area of loss (1/4 x 3/8 inch). . #gibson #lespaul #lespaul1959 #tvyellow #vintageguitar #vintagelespaul

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Stunning and rare Gibson Les Paul Artisan from 1977 limited production where only 1500 were made. Professionally setup, working perfectly, no issues. Beautiful walnut wood gives an amazing tone which can be further enhanced by an unusual factory installed 3rd pickup giving you a ton of options in the studio and live. This is pretty unique comparing to all other Les Pauls. See a demo of this guitar plugged directly into 1953 Fender Champ (also for sale). This amazing guitar is very easy to play, stays in tune and the intonation is perfect. Comes with a hard shell case. Up on my Reverb or click the link in my bio. . . #gibson #gibsonlespaul #gibsonlespaulartisan #lespaulartisan #vintageguitar #vintagelespaul #lespaul

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A stunning 🤩 vintage Gibson Les Paul clean tone . #lespaul #gibson #vintagelespaul #vintageguitar

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gibson gibsonlespaul lespaul lespauldeluxe goldtop p90

Up for grabs on my Reverb: 1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop with P90s up for sale. Check the sound demo through Marshall JCM 800 and a touch of Strymon BigSky reverb available on YouTube: Serial number: 897059 Per TrueVintageGuitar serials between 897000 - 898999 are either 1967 or 1969. Fantastic player condition with a beautiful chunky neck. Everything except jack plate is original incl. solder joints! Comes with a vintage case. . . . . #gibson #gibsonlespaul #lespaul #lespauldeluxe #goldtop #p90

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vintageguitar vintageguitars

Grabbed my old LP to write some new songs. Can the smell of an old guitar 🎸 be inspiring? . . #vintageguitar #vintageguitars

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gibsones335 vintageguitar

Today’s joy is sponsored by this immaculate 1961 Gibson ES-330 TC with a ton of mojo! . . . . #gibsones335 #vintageguitar

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vintageguitars progrock

Gear ready to rock . . . . #vintageguitars #progrock

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gibson reverb gibsonfirebird vintageguitars vintageguitar guitarmojo

MOJO included! Up for sale my 1964 Gibson Firebird III. A phenomenal player! 55 year old wood with a lot of sustain. Pro setup by Steve Vai’s luthier. Check out the link in my bio. . . . @gibsonguitar @reverb #gibson #reverb #gibsonfirebird #vintageguitars #vintageguitar #guitarmojo

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gibson gibsonfirebird vintageguitar vintageguitars

So lucky 🍀 writing new songs with this beautiful 1964 Gibson Firebird. I bought it from my buddy Eric who was withholding it for over 50 years and had a really hard parting with it. I promised him I will make a good use of it. You can listen to this nifty guitar at my song STAY on my latest album. P90s plugged directly into my Marshall 2550. . . . . . . . #gibson #gibsonfirebird #vintageguitar #vintageguitars

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OMG! My new album is OUT NOW! I am truly grateful that I had an opportunity to work on every single detail including singing, playing all the instruments, mixing and mastering, I am also nervous, and a little melancholy about the 2 years of the hard work I put into it. You can buy, listen or download by CLICKING THE LINK IN MY BIO. Keep on rockin! Thank you! #vintageguitars #rockmusic #rockmusician #rockband #guitarsolo #musicproducers #gibson #rocksinger #rockdrummer #rockbass

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rock rockmusic guitarsolo vintageguitars

My new album is out now! CHECK IT OUT if you’re into rock, guitars, solos and rock singing! . . . . . . #rock #rockmusic #guitarsolo #vintageguitars

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gibson gibsonlespaul lespaul vintageguitar rockmusic rockmusician indierock indierockband blackandwhitephotography rnr rock rockandroll

Making good music 🎵 with good instruments and a good gear feels good. It’s as simple as that. New album coming up soon! But till then, I am curious, what’s your desired musical equipment? . . . . . #gibson #gibsonlespaul #lespaul #vintageguitar #rockmusic #rockmusician #indierock #indierockband #blackandwhitephotography #rnr #rock #rockandroll

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Autumn leaves Christmas fun with 1970 Les Paul Standard tobacco sunburst through klon to Swart Stereo Master 20 with Rivera Rock Crusher power attenuators. . . @swartamps @riveraamps #klonpedal @gibsonguitar . . . . . #rockguitar #jazzcover #gibson #lespaul #vintageguitars #vintageguitar #guitaramp #riveraamps #swartamps #autumnleaves

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cheyennewyoming vintage rare dakotascoolguitars guitar vintageguitar fender jaguar 1960s 1963 surfguitar fenderjaguar vintagejaguar johnnymarr rosewood claydots singlecoil guitarporn guitarsofinstagram vintagefender

Check out one of the coolest guitars in town @dakotascoolguitars He found this on tour with @dirtyheads on a day off in #cheyennewyoming. It is a 1963 @fender Jaguar that had a cool old black refin years ago. The paint has a tiny bit of glitter in it and looks really cool in the light. Before this left his position he replaced the original bridge with @masterybridge for optimal set up and intonation. Tons of “mojo” and just feels right. If all that wasn’t enough it has the perfect tortoise shell pick guard, which of course is where all the tone comes from. #vintage #rare #dakotascoolguitars #guitar #vintageguitar #fender #jaguar #1960s #1963 #surfguitar #fenderjaguar #vintagejaguar #johnnymarr #rosewood #claydots #singlecoil #guitarporn #guitarsofinstagram #vintagefender @fender @puisheen @fenderoftheday

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Looking 👀 for some cool #vintageguitar 🎸 Visit Mike at Guitar Connection on Rose in #venicebeach and don't forget to have fun! 😂

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