Stunning and rare Gibson Les Paul Artisan from 1977 limited production where only 1500 were made. Professionally setup, working perfectly, no issues. Beautiful walnut wood gives an amazing tone which can be further enhanced by an unusual factory installed 3rd pickup giving you a ton of options in the studio and live. This is pretty unique comparing to all other Les Pauls. See a demo of this guitar plugged directly into 1953 Fender Champ (also for sale). This amazing guitar is very easy to play, stays in tune and the intonation is perfect. Comes with a hard shell case. Up on my Reverb or click the link in my bio. . . #gibson #gibsonlespaul #gibsonlespaulartisan #lespaulartisan #vintageguitar #vintagelespaul #lespaul

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In love with this Gibson Les Paul Artisan from 1977. 45 years old and still rocking! The Les Paul Artisan was a more expensive/elaborate variation of the Les Paul Custom and was advertised as a limited-edition model between 1976 and 1982. . . . . #gibson #gibsonlespaul #lespaulartisan

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