The holy grail of all pickups since the 50s - the Tim Shaw pickups of the 80s have a great reputation as being as close to an original PAF for a fraction of the cost. These pickups came stock in higher end Gibson guitars since late 1980 -1985. Up for sale is this killer 1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Equipped with a pair of Tim Shaw PAFs, this guitar combines vintage vibes with a more attainable price point. It also comes just after Norlin’s sale of Gibson, which brought about a return to the higher quality of Gibson’s golden era. Are the guitar has a very comfortable medium C-shape neck. It’s not quite the girth of a 59 profile, but much closer to it than a slim 60s. So it’s a little “in between” the two. The frets are in good shape as is the binding. The top and back of the body are very clean with only minor marks on the back from normal use. There is a little bit of flame on the top near the knobs, although it looks to have a three-piece top which is typical of the time. There are a few minor dings and battle scars around the edges. There’s one near the upper strap button. It’s a pretty clean guitar for being over 35 years old! Comes in the original Gibson “chainsaw“ case, gold strap locks installed and gold non-strap lock buttons. Studio/recording ready, used in a studio by me. . #gibson #gibsonlespaul #gibsonlespaulcustom #lespaul #lespaulcustom #vintagelespaul #vintageguitar

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Nothing like a little morning #blues with a nice #lespaul and @carramps Lincoln with KTR klon . . . . . . . #carramps #gibsoncustom #gibson #gibsonlespaul #gibsonlespaulcustom

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