LOUD 4 Guitarists: https://loudloud.com/ - sign up to get notified when BETA is ready. LOUD4Guitarists app generates MIDI drums, bass and piano in rock, metal and more styles. Each track is a MIDI track that uses plugins to generate sound. Here's a demo of LOUD4Guitarists utilizing @toontrack EzDrummer, @submissionaudio DJINNBass and @nativeinstruments Noire piano. You can of course use different plugins i.e. GGD. All midi patterns were generated. A live guitar played by @caught_in_joy through @neuraldsp Archetype Tim Henson was added to illustrate how you can use LOUD4Guitarists to practice or to created demo songs that you can later on export to your DAW. . #mididrums #midibass #ggd #ezdrummer2 #ezdrummer #djinnbass #metaldrummer #metaldrumming #metaldrums #metalbass #caughtinjoy #neuraldsp #loud4guitarists #guitarpractice

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Testing my new background tracks writer app. Everything except the guitars is generated by the app. C++ / Tracktion Engine. @music_man through @neuraldsp Tone King MK II. Drums sounds from @getgooddrums. . #selfgeneratedmusic #neuraldsp #toneking #ggd #getgooddrums #musicman

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I seriously think this could be the best song I’ve ever written and also one of the best sounding ones. I’m especially happy with the whole process of creating it. It was 100% fun. What a pleasure to write lyrics sipping espresso by the beach and recording everything at your own home. Then producing it on a computer with summing and mastering using some analog gear from Burl, SSL and RND. This is also the first time I’ve recorded the final guitars without any amps. It’s shocking how the digital technology progressed. Drums are also not real, but a live midi played on Octapads with GGD processing. I think overall everything sounds great! If you’re into rock, prog or metal go check it out on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/summer-lovin/1594971212?i=1594971213

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