LOUD 4 Guitarists: https://loudloud.com/ - sign up to get notified when BETA is ready. LOUD4Guitarists app generates MIDI drums, bass and piano in rock, metal and more styles. Each track is a MIDI track that uses plugins to generate sound. Here's a demo of LOUD4Guitarists utilizing @toontrack EzDrummer, @submissionaudio DJINNBass and @nativeinstruments Noire piano. You can of course use different plugins i.e. GGD. All midi patterns were generated. A live guitar played by @caught_in_joy through @neuraldsp Archetype Tim Henson was added to illustrate how you can use LOUD4Guitarists to practice or to created demo songs that you can later on export to your DAW. . #mididrums #midibass #ggd #ezdrummer2 #ezdrummer #djinnbass #metaldrummer #metaldrumming #metaldrums #metalbass #caughtinjoy #neuraldsp #loud4guitarists #guitarpractice

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